Committed to providing the best



Meadowville Realty is a privately owned and operated company with a passion for providing high quality real estate services. We specialise in investment properties and also branch into resale of existing homes, plus property management. Our services cover estates in Brisbane Queensland and we welcome national and international clients.

We value your trust in choosing our services; hence we strive to provide an enjoyable experience for you. We enjoy building relationships with our clients and believe in collaborative decision-making.


Mission Statement

Meadowville Realty aspires to provide a personalised and professional real estate service based on honesty and reliability.


Vision Statement

Meadowville Reality vision is to ‘Make a Difference’ in the real estate industry.  We treasure each of our clients and will strive to provide a genuine and unique service to fulfill every individual’s needs.  We aim to do our best to find a home for our national and international clients. We highly value a honourable work ethic and will always endeavour to ensure the service you receive is pleasant and professional.

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Cheng Lim, Principal

Cheng is a reputable sales person who is known for building great rapport with people and giving expert advice when it comes to creating the perfect home environment for any property.

She is a sincere, motivated and hardworking agent who gives only her best when it comes to her work. Her excellent communication skills and attention to detail, will ensure the best possible outcome eventuates out of the sale of a property.

With a Malaysian and New Zealand background Cheng is fluent in Hokkien, Mandarin, English and basic Cantonese which has allowed her to connect with different Oceanic cultural groups within the Brisbane community. Cheng is a very fast learner who has become familiar with the market and enjoys working in the industry.